Get Bigger Breasts With Massage

Best ways to enlarge breast size with effective massage? If you want to enlarge your breast size, you should think about learning massage techniques. This is considered as one of the most safe, natural, and effective methods that can help you enlarge your breast size at home without side effects. In addition, you can even save money on how to make your boobs grow bigger naturally and safely at home.

To gain the ideal size, you should learn and apply some additional techniques such as eating supplements, adding nutritious foods in your meals, and doing physical exercises. By combining these steps together, you will achieve the best results. These methods are cost-effective to use in breast enlargement at home.

Effective Ways To Enhance Breast Size With Massage?

Suitable massage oils, herbal creams, and additional substances should be used if you want to get effective results with massage techniques. It also requires you to learn and apply techniques properly in order to avoid negative results. Make sure your movement of palms and flat parts of your fingers is smooth and gentle if you want to avoid pains or abrasion. For the best results, you should massage your breasts at least 2-3 times per day, and 5 times per week.

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The Female Deer Exercise

This massage technique derives from Taoist exercise which is good for breast enlargement. By applying this technique, you will get positive results. The exercise helps you improve the function of blood flow in your breasts. With good circulation of blood, your breasts will stimulate the production of new breast cells, and balance your necessary hormones which are crucial to the natural breast enlargement.

Improving the process of Prolactin synthesis

Prolactin (PRL), also known as luteotropic hormone or luteotropin, is a necessary protein that helps female mammals produce milk.

Having good level of Prolactin synthesis, you can stimulate the production of new breast cells. To get the best results, you should learn how to do the techniques properly. It requires you  to warm your hands before starting the process.

The brushing and rubbing techniques

Using simple techniques like brushing and rubbing can help you increase your breast size. These techniques are natural and effective. With the smooth and gentle movement of palms and flat parts of your hands as effective massage technique, you can stimulate the circulation of blood in your breasts. These techniques also help you form your breasts with good shape. However, these techniques require you to repeat several times per day, and over 6 times per week to get best results.

The techniques have proved to give effective results, but it can take you long time to see results. Because it is natural method, it doesn’t give fast results like other methods. However, the techniques don’t give side effects so you can be free from health risk problems.


Basic steps of effective massage

There are 3 basic steps of effective massage that you can follow and apply to get successful in breast enlargement. Using the flat parts of your fingers to massage the nipples smoothly and gently should be done properly. Make sure the pressure is good enough to give effective results.

Next step is to massage your breasts like the circle: lifting breasts smoothly, pressing breasts lightly, and releasing breasts slowly. This will help stimulate the circulation of blood in breasts.

Wringing and twisting breasts gently in clockwise and anticlockwise directions will help improve the growth of breast size.

Using Suitable Massage Oils

There are several popular massage oils for breasts. Here are some traditional oils that you can apply: Almond, avocado, borage, cocoa butter, coconut, evening primrose, Shea butter, and vitamin E.

These oils can also be used in making massage creams which give you best results. Make sure you don’t use too much oils when massage your breasts. In addition, make sure you apply gentle and smooth  movement in order to get effective results and avoid negative effects.

Using Creams For Massage

Creams which are used for massage contain some good elements derived from herbal plants: estrogen and progesterone. These things are good for breast function. However, make sure you don’t use these creams too much because it can cause side effects like inflammation and low function of tenderness. This can happen to women who have sensitive skins.

Secret Formula for Males

Males can get the same results by applying the massage techniques above. However, they should combine exercises with nutritious foods. In addition, they should use different ingredients because their breasts don’t function with milk production.

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  1. my age is 17 …but my boobs is very very small to i get bigger boobs bf dont lyk small boobs…& mostly my fat is stored in thai n stomch region.

  2. im 15, i really want to get big breast to make myself look good and ive trying find way to make my breast bigger.

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