How to Increase Breast Size Safely With Supplements, Exercise and Diet

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It is obvious that the most attractive and appealing body parts of a woman are breasts or boobs, then buttock. Owning attractive breasts with ideal size will help you become appealing and beautiful in front of men.

However, not all women have attractive breasts; just a few lucky women are born with great breasts without investing much effort on boosting bust.

If you are not lucky like those women are, you may not feel happy with the total curve.

However, there is still hope for you to boost your bust. There are several ways that you can use to enhance breast size naturally and safely at home without side effects!

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By applying the right methods, you can improve breast tissue. Therefore, you can make your breasts more firm, and larger with a more desirable shape.

Besides, you can choose cosmetic surgery to enhance breast size. However, make sure you choose the ones with great support and service.

Nevertheless, this method also can cost lots of time and money to get good results, but it seems to have latent risks and dangers that we could not predict because the method can cause some health problems later.

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally and Safely?

This big question many women have in mind, and seek for the answers. Fortunately, answers are available, and can be found below.

Useful tips and tricks on how to increase breast size naturally and safely at home.

Choosing and Eating Right Foods with Nutritious Elements is the best way to enhance breast size. Let’s start to learn how to make your boobs grow bigger.

Healthy Eating

According to statistics, one of the best ways to improve the total curve and boost breast size is eating fresh fruits, and vegetables that have good level of estrogen.

It is because the phyto-estrogens found in breast gum normally work to increase the size of breast naturally.

In addition, according to some recent researches, women who have hormonal imbalance and excessive production of testosterone will have small breasts.

These elements will restrain the development of breast size.

The following health foods that can help improve the development of breast size.

Suggested Healthy Foods That Are Rich in Estrogen:

  • Chicken
  • Dairy products (yogurt, milk, etc..)
  • Peas, beans
  • Blueberries, cherries, etc…

Suggested Healthy Foods That Are Rich in Proteins:

  • Meat, fish, eggs
  • Pumpkin, cucumber, onion, carrots, lettuce, asparagus, etc..(these are good combination in your diet)

Eating the right foods with Nutritious Elements will help you control your weight, and improve the cell growth, especially, cells in your breast tissues.

However, some unhealthy foods that you should avoid when you plan to increase your breasts. They may cause negative results, and even restrain the development of breast tissues.

Foods That You Should Avoid:

  • Junk foods, salty foods, carbonated drinks
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop drinking coffee


Applying Enhancement Serums and Creams

By applying breast enhancement creams and serums, you can make your breasts grow bigger naturally. Combining with massage is the best way to get desired size.

Make sure you apply breast enhancement creams and serums prior to massaging breasts in order to make the process much easier and  more effective.

You can buy these things in the market or online market. These creams and serums have herbs that can help with the enhancement of breast tissues; they  are also tested and proven with results. Triactol is the popular one that you can use.

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Taking Breast Enhancement Pills

Taking breast enhancement pills is the most popular and effective method for breast improvement. Combining taking breast enhancement pills, exercising your chest muscles and applying breast enhancement serums or creams with massage will give you best results: increasing breast size faster and more effectively.

These pills are also available in the market or online market. They are safe to use, but make sure you have no allergies to the ingredients in pills.

Before taking these pills, you should get advice from doctor or physician; and make sure you follow the instruction given properly to avoid negative effects!

Some of the common natural breast enhancement pills include Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, and Wild Yam.

Knowing how to make your breast size grow bigger naturally and safely at home is not the issue but the problem is how to apply methods properly.

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Regular Chest/Bust Exercises


Eating the right foods with Nutritious Elements is not good enough to boost your breast size. Besides, you should combine with regular bust exercises to maximize the result.

One of the best ways to help you have healthy and sexy body is doing exercise daily. Developing chest muscle and increasing breast size can be obtained by doing push-ups daily.

Strengthening your shoulders and chest from doing arm pumps and arm circles can help you have firm and larger breasts.


These exercises that you should practice daily. In addition, with good posture and well-toned chest muscles, you can make your breast look fuller and bigger.

According to researches, Yoga can help women have healthy body and great shape of body posture.

Combining with Yoga is the best way to help you have best result.

To reach your desired breast size, you should follow all useful tips and tricks that are tested and proven with results. It is “no pain, no gain”. There is “no lazy way” or “shortcut” to get best result.

How to Boost Your Bust by Doing Exercises

  1. Doing regular push-ups. Push-ups are considered as good exercise for your triceps; and they can also strengthen the pectoral muscles that are located below the boobs. …
  2. Lifting dumbbells. Going to a gym and working with a trusted spotter is a good way to help you follow right methods. …
  3. Doing the fly lift. …
  4. Doing the wall press. …
  5. Doing crunches….

Increase Your Breast Size Naturally and Safely by Massaging your Breasts Regularly

You can have ideal size with your breasts if you massage your breasts daily with proper methods. This is one of most important factors that helps you have desired size with your breasts.

According to researches, good blood circulation in breast tissues can help have healthy breasts and increase the size in positive way.

Remember that estrogen is the major factor to help you have larger size in your breast. Having good bloodstream system, especially, blood with estrogen flows in your breasts, can help you develop and increase your breast size.

You will see the change in your breast size with positive result if you apply 20-30 minutes daily in one month or two to three weeks.

By combining all suggested tips above, you can achieve the desired size in your breasts: eating healthy foods, massaging breasts daily, and exercising with proper instruction when using those creams and pills.

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  1. I have very little boobs…that’s why my husband always unimpressed of me….please help me how to big my breast…my age is 23

    1. I have try enlargement cream and that helped me a lot. I only did it for 2 months bcus I was in a budget. Also I have try some oil and the oil made my breast even bigger and is super cheap. I bought the oil. I really like it. I was a size B now I’m a D and I love it.

      1. What did you use to help your size get bigger and full? My problem is mine aren’t full and I cry frequently .. But My bra size is c cup.. But they’re not full looking. and idk what happened they weren’t like this before. Please reply.

      2. Pls help me how to make my boots sad.i never try plls or any method.coz bout bajet..i always cant buy anything for my boots..

      3. What is the product called? Plz help. I am very insecure with my busts. I dont even want to go outside anymore. Any helpful advice I can use would be appreciate d. Thanks.

      4. Hi Johana,
        Could you let me know which cream you have been using. I am a b cup and would like to move up a cup size or two. thanks

      5. The oil you said u bought, does it come in a little wooden brown box with the letters written in gold that says AFY pure natural essential oil? If it how many times a day do u use it?

      6. Hi Johana!, I am so happy for you that you have a bigger breast now. I have the same problem, I would like to know what are the products that you used please help me to make mine bigger too.

      7. Hey Johana plz tell me which cream u were applyed and which oil did u used i want to do the same and grow my boobs and tell me the rates and where i shud buy that all and if possible please tell me ur contact no.. so i can discuss clearly and plzz hepl me

      8. where did find that naturaful?where can i buy that/is there in mall? and if you dont mind how much it is?

      9. He Johana do you know what that oil was called that you got please and can you use the cream on its own

      10. Hey! I have the same problem you had, I’m glad you were able to solve it. Can you tell me the name of the oil you bought?

      11. The Sims great what did you do can you help me I am a size b I want to become an C or D what can I do

      12. What was the oil called and what was the cream called that you used? I can’t believe you grew so much lucky girl!

  2. Hi there. I’m deaf n I’m 46 yold I’m feeling like I’m 12 or 14 my breast smaller n saggy . I hates to see my breast smaller. I don’t like it n I looked at Internet seeking find breast growth. Can u help me which one best pills n I would like to order . Can u can money order n please gve me ur address .

  3. my age is 21 n boobs size are very small like 12 13 years girls please tell me some good ideas to make my boobs bigger and i skinny too my height is 5.7

  4. Hi!
    To be very honest I have tried few boobs enhancement Pills and creams for a larger boobs but it didn’t work for me. A pharmacist also gave me some drugs to take care of homornal imbalance and I have been taking of myself on that side. Please if your product are guaranteed to work, for how long do I need to use the pills and creams and how much do they cost? I’m down in Africa (Nigeria) how do I get them and what are the procedures to get them? I just hope it works cos I’m really not confident with my small boobs. Please reply thank u and God bless.

    1. Hello Joan,
      Am also in Nigeria, Lagos and seeking help for bigger boobs. I haven’t tried pill or enlargement cream yet. Have you gotten any that works? Is it available in Nigeria?

    2. You don’t necessarily need to use pills and special creams, I increased my breast size with in a month, by using body butter and massaging it into my breasts for a whole month, my size increased from a B to a C.

  5. Hi there I am a 20-year-old mother of one son I have small breast size and I’ve been struggling for so long now and make me feel insecure about my body And I would like some help !

    1. What I do is that I use pressure points. I know, it sounds really weird but, it worked for me. All you have to do is find the two pressure points right above your armpit and rub your fingers clockwise 5 times with a good pressure, press on it for 5 seconds, then rub it counterclockwise. This might hurt. Now find the pressure point right in between your niples and do the same thing. This one might hurt more. Do this more then 4 times a week. You will see a change in about a week. I used to be a size B now I’m a C. It’s not a huge difference but, it is some.

  6. Hi when I’m around my friends I feel really uncomfortable because my breasts are so small how could I get my boobs bigger. Will eating make them grow cos I’m also skinny and small

    1. same with me im a middle schooler my boobs r barely visible my friends have huge ones i feel so small and uncomfortable around them bc of my boobs mine didnt come until 7 grade (im in 8 grade) and it didnt grow at all

    2. I have the exact same problem all my friends have big boobs and are way taller than me, im really skinny and have like no boobs.

  7. I’m 18 years old I’d say I’m skinny I have my bf he’s 19 nd, I just want bigger boobs to boost my self esteem. Nd for him I know he’d love it, even though he acts like it’s fine it’s for me I been taking two red clover capsules and six fenugreek capsules a day , isn’t working please help me find a quick way to increase my boobs

    1. Hi paula im tina and an easy tip that i use is to exersize my breast once a day for about five mins and all you have to do is put ur arms out straite in front of you and just bring them back toureds you and just fastlly do that over and over for like i said about five mins i have been doing this for about a year and my cup went fron a size 34 a to a 34 c

  8. Hey I’m 20 yrs old and my tits are as big as a ten year old who haven’t start growing I need them to grow but I don’t want to spend my money or my husbands on implants!! HELP NEEDED!

  9. Hi im 22 and a mother of 2 beautiful little girls i was a d-dd cup before i had them and now im down to a b i hate my boobs now i need help to get them back any tips to make it start happening fast i eat good and exercise when i can but if anything there getting smaller 🙁 advice please


  10. I would like to know how can I make my breasts bigger without surgery can you please help me out

  11. Im 21. Cup C. Yes its natural. They dont sag even I loss weight.
    But I thnk proper diet is important.
    I also wear push up bras for support. Its heavy. If u only know how hard it is for me to run…

  12. Its like 2 papayas shaking whenever I run. My back hurts sometimes. I hate it when boys stare at my boobs instead. Irritating! Argg.

    Im just saying… having big boobs are always good

  13. I am 27 and my breast are saggy n small like i have breast feed but am single n a virgin…. I realy hate my very small breast… Wat can i do to make it grow big round n firm

  14. I’m a mother of 3, 27 years of age .. I use to be a D cup till I gave birth to my last child then till months went by I notice my boobs were getting smaller now I’m a B cup .. Can you please help me (urgently need help in feeling happy again)

  15. Hey. i need effective suggestion to get big breast. i really wanna grow my breast quickly. i found nothing essential ways. any advice?????

  16. Hi! I am jenifer of 21 I have very small breasts. I have boyfriend. I want to grow them. l wish I had a very much bigger one’s. My boy friend would love to see them
    bigger .will massaging my breast
    grow them PLEASE HELP ME IN IT.

  17. What positive products are there out there, that I can buy or use to increase my breasts size? I have very small breast. I dont even want to walk outside, cuz Im so ashamed of my looks and body. Plz help. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  18. plz oooo God my BREAST r very small. en i do wear oversize bra 2 make it big, so dat my frends will fink i av big breast nt knowing its foam.

  19. Hie my name s mich in South Africa i would lyk to hear frm u guys what can i use to get big boobs i hate to see my little breast evrtym.plz reply.

  20. im 67 and i am aa size and they are small and saggy with big nipples, my 23 year old husband does not enjoy them, I’ve tried massaging them for 7 hrs straight and i am seeing no improvements. i am on a pension so i cannot afford breast enhancement cream/pills. please help me to enlarge my tits before i die


  21. I am 47 yrs old and i have small boobs. I have very low self esteem and i think that my man is not satisfied with them can u please help me wit a excellent product that will help me. Very sad because I love him and I think that I will loose him. Help Please

  22. Hi, smaller boobs are good, i admit i would prefer a little larger than my b cup but i am only 17, and for girls who are under the age of 18 could still be growing. However i still didnt feel fully confident that my boobs would grow anymore and i wasn’t pleased with my figure so i did a little research and massaging your boobs can increase growth By increasing the blood flow to your boobs and it also givs your boobs a better shape. I know for definate that my boobs look slightly bigger also the most important thing is that they look in better shape and rounder. Also if you don’t want to massage your own boobs get your bf or husband to do it, by doing that it brings you closer together sexually. Just remember natural things like this take time but eventually time will pay off and you will be better off for free.
    But remember if you cant change your perfect the way you are

  23. I still have really small boobs compared to all my friends. I’ve tried everything from stuffing my bra with toilet paper, workouts. NOTHING IS WORKING!!! Please help me!!!

  24. Well im a 16year old girl and i wear a 34D and i would love to increase my boob size to a 36 and i know my baby would love that..but i would not want any surgury or is there any other way i can do that at home..?

  25. hi I’m 20 yrs old and I have b sized breast but I want them to be bigger and I have the body of an 10 yr old, it doesn’t help when I go out and people treat me as if i’m a little girl.

  26. I want to increase my size of smaal tits and my husband was not liking me because of my boobs so please help in that then my husband will like my boobs and he will drink my boobs milk

  27. I’m 16 and mine are small and my sister and my mom and my grandma’s are big I need help I hate having small boobs

  28. I’m very unsatisfied with my breast size. I’m 13 and I started puberty when I was 11. My breasts are only an Acup and I want them to be at least a C cup or D cup. All my friends have B cups and C cups and I’m just here with an almost flat chest. I know I’m only 13, but I’m just really scared. I’m only 5’1 and I’m pretty sure I’ll stop growing altogether soon. I’ll probably only be 5’2 and have an A cup forever. I need to make my breasts bigger naturally because I don’t have money for pills or creams. Please help!

  29. Hi am joy and I am 20 years old I have a very small breast I need a help on how to make it bigger

  30. I’m only a 14 year old girl with a natrual D sized cup. To me I think they are small. And since I’m too young to use the medications above, I’ll just massage them to make them bigger then.

  31. Hi,
    My name is Fallon, I am 24 had open heart surgery and had four kids. I was a b cup size 36 til after i had my last baby, and now my boobs are real small and no bra fits properly no matter what I do. On top of all that it also feels like my fiance has lost interest in me do to my breast being so small now. He has made a few comments about how small they are, and because of all that i feel unattractive and not enough for him i just wish i had my boobs back.

  32. Im 26 i have two kids n im full a i want to be bigger though evryone in my family has double dees n bigger i have a feeling my children will have bigger boobs then me please help me

  33. Pls I want to enlarge my breast but have tried all the exercise its not working…I did u advice I do pls….my husband is complaining nd I dnt wanna let him go cos I love him…pls help me

  34. my age is 21 my chest is very small lik small girls… b.f taunt me i hate my self pls some1 helpme…which way i icrease my boobs???

  35. The other day my bf helped me move out from my aunt’s and he realized my boobs aren’t big anymore, I just had a baby and they were only big cause they were full of milk (obviously) and when he said something I felt really uncomfortable and low self-esteem now. I’ve always had small boobs , always hated it. Do I have to use the pill and the cream? Or just one?

  36. how can i order the pills is this safe im 44 yrs old i want to have little big is enough pls advice meh tkz

  37. I feel really insecure having small breasts as everyone around me is bigger than me it’s obvious and my friends are bigger than me… I really need help, any advice? Or anything? I’m up for anything to help them grow more so.

  38. Hi im jholly 29 years old…im really feel not happy with my bust to small and i feel not comfortable in any cloths. I wish that you can help me how to become a big bust…cause i want to feel that im a girl…please help me
    always i think to take a surgery but i dont enough money and im afraid of me
    Thank you

  39. Hi I’m 15 and I have small boobs and I am very shamed of them and I want them to be bigger than they are now . My cup size is B but I want a bigger cup size. Any advice ?

  40. 18 and i have a small breast..i was searching what product can help me to grow my small so shy and insecure.plz help me to find what product is the best..plz tell me where did i buy.??
    From: phil……
    I hope u advice me..God blessed

  41. Trust me on this when I say it… You do not want to start your period early who ever said that. You just don’t. I would also like to get bigger boobs. But I would like to know more at home ways to do it.

  42. I really want bigger boobs!!

    I just want an easy way to get them to grow without buying anything.. any suggestions?

  43. hello I am 24 turning 25 other if 1 I am B I want to trade to C and I being using the oil called FYA for two month my breast it hurting but it don’t grown please help me. I want my boyfriend to know that my breast are growing please help me

  44. My age is 32 and breasts are sufficiently big thats 36dd but i need little firmness what should i do….m…….i am a indian so tell me some home remedies also..

  45. Hi, my breast are so small that am even shy of them, can I get some help as to how to make them big for a cap D and firm looking very attractive.

  46. Hi i want also to buy ur products that pills where will i buy here in taiwan i stay here in miaoli city Taiwan waiting for ur txt thank you.

  47. hi I’m a mother of 2 pretty little girls I breastfeed every day but if anything my breast should be getting smaller!!!!!!!!!!!!! my breast are getting bigger I have bigger breast than my mother and she had to make her own bras because her breast were tooooooo big for a normal bra. So ever since October iv been having to make my own bra :[ hellllp!

  48. This will help me alot I am pretty much flat chested everyone have at least a C cup and and I stuck with a A. I HATE wearing a sports bra at the gym I feel embrassed, So I don’t go to the beach or pool much it feels so awkward.You look around at everyone elses great bodies and then I look at me like OMG. Then I look at my aunt she is like a FREAKIN J cup it makes me feels bad.

  49. My boobs are like a’s. Ive been wearing push up bras for like 3 weeks and I see no difference!!

    When I invite my friends to go bra shopping they be like: You don’t need a bra cause you don’t have boobs!!
    I have a friend who wears B bras and she is a year younger than me! Can u help me? I would like to be at least a B maybe even a C

  50. Hi im 19yr old and my boobs are so small to the point i cany stand to look at them is there anyway you can help me with my problem ? Jss wondering .

  51. Everyone I know has a size up then I do im tired of being flat I love to exercise is there any exercises I can do to help improve my size

  52. I am 16 and all my friends are C and D
    And my boyfriend say it ok am A but I feel like it not like am not hot and sexy like all the rest of the girl and I don’t want people to know how I feel bec everyone always say how luck I am to be so skinny bec I can’t gain weight and all but I want bigger chest without pill and cream but I wan them soon

  53. im 20 yrs old but my boobs r as small as 10 yrs old child…i need it to grow so plz suggest me best pills n creams

  54. Almost a everyone in my class has boobs , and I’m like the one with little boobs, pls help me ….I’m very ashamed cuz I dun hv much boobs, my sister is a size A , and mine isn’t growing fast at all , pls pls pls help me !!!

  55. Am 24 but my boobs are very small whenever am with ma b/f he’s always complaining about the size of my breasts l don’t know what to do help me please!!!???

  56. Can you tell me if you ship to Australia? I’m trying to purchase some pills without success!

  57. I’m 22 years old with a 3 year old, I’m 5’1 weight 82lbs and I’m breast so small I have no bra size. What makes it worst is that I have a 25 year old husband that never been with someone my size. Help is really needed.

  58. I have small boobs sometimes I feel it’s geting big. But other times I feel it’s getting small. I only had one growth sperth

  59. I Am Trying To Grow My Breast To Fit In . I Wanna Be Pretty & Attractive . I Want Boys To Look At My Breast . I Want To Be Different . I Wanna Be Full & Loaded .

  60. I am 16+ nd i ve really little boobs. I am nt always confident enough with it nd cause of it i stuffed bra nd @ times i double d bra. I eat Fruits nd vegs alot nd do exercises bt nothin still. I will try nd buy some of d reduces nd ray dey work

  61. Is this all true? I mean you can make it big without spending a lots of money? Really? Everything you have to do in order for you to have a big boobs is to spend a lots of money for surgery to make it big. That’s all I know and it’s all true.

    Is anyone try this methods already? Is it worked? I would like to try this methods without spending a lot of money if it’s worth it.

  62. I am 16 year years old but i do not like my small boobs.. Its size is 32…. No boy gets impressed by it.. I uses paaded bra but i want to make it bigger… Please give me advice

  63. I have a size C cup, but I feel like no one appreciates my breasts, my bf totally ignores everything. I don’t need help with my butt, it’s already too big. I need help. How can I make someone appreciate my breasts?

  64. I am the 16 years old type one diebitic patient and my boobs are soo small itz like 8 to 10 year baby flat and slimm but my friends tease me like u look boy plz help me with this stuggle

  65. I’m 21 and an in desprate need of bigger boob s anybody have any ideas I’ve never Had a bf and am not married either I think that have bigger boob s will help. My boob s are the size of an I year old’s. Help. I also don’t want to use pills or creams

  66. pls am not happy with my small breast,what can i do to make it awaiting for ur reply.thank

  67. Hi i am 51 yrs old,,, my problem is my boobs become small and feels like empty. My husband become unimpressed to my boobs. Need ur help how to gain for boobs

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