Ways To Enlarge Your Breast Size With Birth Control Methods

Big Breasts Through Birth Control

Have you ever heard about The Positive Impacts of Birth Control Pill on Breast Enlargement? Does it really work for Breast Size Enhancement?

Lots of women are eager to possess fuller, larger, and sexier breasts. However, the big question here is “does Birth Control Pill improve the breast size positively?”

Using birth control pill can give positive results on breast enlargement. However, you should not abuse this method if you don’t want to encounter side effects.

Furthermore, this also depends on other factors such as kind of breast tissues, the period time of usage, diet plan, daily habits, exercises, etc… So there will be different impacts on its potency.

However, you may gain weight when using birth control pills to increase breast size.

Various Factors That Influence Its Potency

Estrogen, one of the most useful factors for breast growth, is included in birth control pills.

This gives positive effects on breast development. In addition, women are easy to increase breast size during puberty if they supplement their body, especially, breast tissues with estrogen.

Using birth control pills will stimulate the growth of some necessary substances in your body that is useful for breast enlargement. In this case, it will make your body believe that you are pregnant, but in fact you are not.

It is obvious that all women will have bigger breasts when they are pregnant.

Taking birth control pills will stimulate the production of female hormones which is good for breast growth. In addition, one of the most common pregnancy prevention methods used by most women is taking birth control pills.

This can cause some side effects, but not serious. However, not all women encounter side effects because it depends on various factors.


Unfortunately, not all birth control pills give the same effects on breast growth. The birth control pills which contain only progesterone cannot help with breast growth.

It depends on the birth control pills brands. Only the ones which contain both progesterone and estrogen can give good chances for positive effect results on breast enlargement.

However, it can leave some other side effects if you abuse the use of pills.

Some possible side effects that women can face with are fluid retention and breast tenderness. When women see the increase in breast size, it means they will encounter weight gain.

The fluid retention causes weight gain when using birth control pills.

According to the research, some good breast control pills that you can use to increase your boobs size are Orthocyclen, Tricyclen, Modicon, Lenessa, Zovia, and Necon.

They are tested and proven with positive results for breast enlargement.



Most women who have used birth control pills have bigger breasts. However, once they stop using the birth control methods like pills, their breasts size will be back with original size after a few months.

Using birth control pills can give promising effects like breast enlargement and pregnancy prevention, but it can cause side effects such as nausea, unnecessary weight gain, headaches, etc… if you have high amounts of estrogen in the body.

To give final conclusion about the effectiveness of using birth control for breast enlargement, we should check all factors. Some women gain good results, but others don’t see any results.

The positive effect will mainly depend on the breast tissues of women, the type of birth control, and suitable methods.

The answer can be “yes” and “no” for how to make your boobs grow bigger naturally at home by using birth control methods.

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