How To Enhance Your Breasts Without Surgery

Many women are seeking for the ways to help them get breasts bigger. They think that having good size with sexy shape in breasts will give them confidence to attract men. If you are one of those unlucky women who small size, you should check out the information below.

There are many ways to help women to achieve the goals. However, not all of them are effective, natural and safe. Some women go for surgery because they want to have big breasts fast. Other people use pills, exercises, etc to increase breast size. Unluckily, some methods give fast and effective results, but they can leave side effects later if the quality is not good. They can face with health risk problems. In addition, the cost is expensive for an surgical procedure done.

Whenever you decide to use breast enlargement methods, make sure you apply natural, safe, and effective ones. However, most of them don't give quick results so you must be patient. Check out the details below to learn how to make your boobs grow bigger naturally and safely at home. These are cost-effective, natural, and safe so you can be free from risks.

You can apply natural breast enlargement methods such as: applying regular massage techniques; using creams, herbal, pills, and powders; eating nutritious foods; using effective bras that can help your breasts look bigger; doing daily exercises; having suitable diet; and reducing bad habits.


Here are 10 useful tips that can help you make your breasts grow bigger without surgery at home. Some of them give effective and quick results, and others are still myths or dont give fast results or expected results. Just check out the analysis to see the advantages and disadvantages of the methods, and make your own evaluation and decision.

1. Applying regular massage properly

Massaging your breasts regularly and properly will help improve the circulation of blood in breasts. As a results, it stimulates the production of new breast tissues. However, this method doesn't give quick results because it is natural method. This method requires you to be patient with process to get natural results. By applying this method, you can get positive results naturally without side effects.

2. Using breast pumps

Using pumps to enlarge your breasts can be one of the fastest methods. However, this can give side effects later if it is overused. In addition, you cannot stop applying breast pumps once you achieve the desired size. Once you stop using breast pumps, your breasts size will be back with the original shape.

3. Using herbal plants, and creams

Some good herbal plants that contain phytoestrogens you can use: Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Siberian Ginseng, etc. You can maximize the results by using pills, creams, etc., are extracted from these natural herbals. These things can give quick results in breast enlargement, but make sure you follow the guides properly if you want to avoid side effects.

If you abuse this method too much, you can face with breast cancer later. Remember that techniques that give fast results can cause problems sooner or later. This method can have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should be patient with the guides in order to avoid health risk problems.

4. Having suitable diet

Eating healthy and nutritious foods can give you best results in breast enlargement. Eating supplements will help you balance necessary substances in your body, and your breasts. As a result, you will get desirable goal. However, this method can give side effects like abundance of fat and carbohydrates in body. You may face with abundance of fat in your belly, buttocks, hips and other parts in your body. It is recommended that you should combine this method with doing exercises in order to get expected results.

5. Applying birth control methods

There are many methods of birth control that women are using to increase breast size. However, just some of them can give results with breast enlargement. Nevertheless, the methods are still myths; and only a few of women get results, but unexpected size.

6. Pregnancy

It is obvious that pregnant women have big breasts. Their breasts increase in size naturally because the process of Prolactin synthesis is stimulated when they are pregnant. Women who have good level of Prolactin synthesis can encourage the production of new breast cells. After pregnancy, they can have big breasts without doing anything to keep current size.

7. Using special bras to lift up the breasts

There lots of special bras that can help you have your breasts become bigger. Some special bras can help with breast enlargement. However, all bras just give you temporary results. Once you stop using these bras, your current breast size will return to original size. Some bras that help lift up the breasts can cause health problems.

8. Posture improvement

If you build up good posture, you can have good appearance in your big breasts. Standing upright with straight shoulders and stomach pulled in will help you make your breasts look bigger. If you can keep these standard postures and turn them into daily habits, you will get real results with appearance. Of course, this doesnt enlarge your breasts gradually. This method just gives results with appearance.

9. Doing regular exercising properly

There are some special chest exercises that can help you achieve the desirable size in breasts. Some effective chest exercises that give real results are: Wall Press, Palm Pressing, Elbow Extensions, Dumbbells Chest Press, Arm Circles, Adapted Push-Ups, etc

Make sure you do these exercises regularly and properly, and dont forget to combine with eating nutritious and healthy foods for best results. However, if you stop applying this method, you will face with the lose of firmness in breasts. This method doesnt cause any health problems and side effects. If you choose this method, you should not be lazy.

10. Get rid of bad habits

Dont eat unhealthy foods and beverages such as fast foods and soft drinks. These bad habits can make your breasts become smaller. Avoiding drinking coffee and stopping smoking are what you should do. If you can get rid of bad habits, you can increase your breast size positively.


These methods are safe, natural, and cost-effective for breast enlargement in comparison with surgery. By using these methods, you can reduce the percentage of health risk problems. However, each method of how to make your boobs grow bigger can lead to different results. It depends on your decision and your estimation. Choose the suitable ones!

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