There used to be a time when “bigger was better” when it came to breast size. However, times have changed.

Men and women from all over the world and from various cultures have participated in studies to help scientists, psychologists, and the general public learn about what the ideal breast size is in the twenty-first century.

Although study findings show that breast size preferences differ with personality, body type, and culture, the average shows that perky and firmer breasts are the most preferred of all cup sizes.

Because full and firm breasts are seen as a sign of fertility, women with very small breasts often feel self-conscious or have low self-esteem.

The majority of women feel that they need to undergo breast enhancement procedures or even breast implant injections in order to get bigger, fuller, and sexier breasts. However, both surgery and injections can be incredibly hazardous and dangerous and should be treated with caution.

On the other hand, breast enhancement doesn’t have to be risky, dangerous or costly. In fact, there is a lot that women can do on their own – and even in their own homes – that can help them to increase breast size naturally and quickly, such as taking breast enhancement pills or creams.



Chest presses are one of the best types of breast-building workouts (next to pushups, of course). You can easily do this exercise in your own home and with only a set of dumbbells, if you choose.

Dumbbells aren’t required, however, adding weight while doing these exercises will help you build more muscle. If you are new to doing these types of exercises, then it may be best to start small and easy.

Start this exercise by lying on your back (or a bench, as in the pic), with a dumbbell in each hand, if you choose to use dumbbells. While lying on your back with your arms straight down by your sides, lift each arm straight up and then back down.

Do not swing your arms back down harshly as this could lead to injury. Be sure to carefully and slowly raise your arms up and down. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times, and don’t forget to alternate arms. The repetitive movement will help to strengthen the pectoral muscles and increase your breast size.


Of course most women love pushups as much as they love menstrual pain, however, they are incredibly effective in building and developing breast tissue and muscle.

For athletic women, do pushups at least several times per week to notice a difference in your breast muscles.

For women who don’t do pushups very often, there is a variation or slight modification that is a bit more comfortable that can provide the same results.

Regardless of the type of pushups you choose to do, it’s important to do them correctly. Start by making sure your back is flat and that your body is perfectly at an angle.

Trying to do this exercise with bent arms or a rounded back can lead to injury.

Then, if it is too uncomfortable to hold up your body on your hands and feet, then trying lowering your knees to the flow and bending your feet up, like you are trying to kick your butt.

Then, bend your arms down and try to kiss the floor. Keep your back as flat and as straight as possible.

Although pushups might not be your favorite exercise, we promise that you will love the results.

Pushups help to strengthen your arms, chest muscles, biceps and even your deltoids, which not only help you increase the size of your breasts but also give your upper body a nice toned look overall – making you look absolutely killer in that strapless dress.


Of course gaining weight and building up body fat will increase the size of your breasts, however, it won’t give them that perky, lifted, and firm look, shape, and appeal. Increasing the amount of fat stored in the breast area will just lead to droopy, saggy breasts, and even cause “bra fat”.

In order to naturally and effectively increase the size of your breasts, it’s best to build and develop muscle and breast tissue.

Here are some of the best exercises you can try to do just that:

This type of exercise is a bit more enjoyable than pushups. Although this exercise is relatively low in intensity, it is highly effective in developing muscle and breast tissue.

Again – no fancy or expensive gym equipment required! You only need a pair of dumbbells, if you choose. To do this exercise, first stand with your feet flat on the floor.

Make sure your feet are also a foot apart from one another. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lift your arms straight out at your sides.

Try to keep your arms as straight as possible, but be careful not to overextend your elbows as this can cause injury. Keeping your arms slightly bent at the elbow is okay.

Once your arms are straight out at your sides, pulse your arms in small circles for at least 15 to 20 seconds. It might seem easy but you will feel the burn in your arms and in your pectoral (chest muscles) tomorrow!


This exercise is similar to chest presses but with a slight variation. Instead of lying flat on your back, you can do this exercise by sitting on an incline.

It is okay to do this exercise sitting in a chair, but make sure that your back is inclined just so, and that your lower back is flat and isn’t hunched over. Once you put pressure on your back, this can lead to injury if you aren’t properly supported.

While lying against an inclined chair, bend your arms at your elbows. With a dumbbell in each hand, curl your arms and pull them into your chest.

After pulling them in, carefully and slowly release them to your back. Repeat this exercise at least 10 to 15 times for the best results.

Similar to chest presses, this exercise will not only work your pectoral (chest) muscles, but also your biceps, deltoids, and back muscles. The key to bigger, firmer, and sexier breasts is increasing upper body strength!

All in all, exercising on a regular basis is always a great idea for optimum health, self-esteem, and overall body image.

Furthermore, focusing on performing the right exercises for your breasts will help you to see desired results in breast growth and development. Do these exercises on a regular basis and watch your breasts grow!

Finally, if you want to do more than just exercises to increase the size and firmness of your breasts, or to speed up the process, there are a number of safe and highly effective dietary supplements you can try.

One great example is Bust Perfect. Bust Perfect is an herbal supplement comprised of all-natural, 100% organic ingredients designed to help your body build up muscle and breast tissue faster.

Because Bust Perfect is made with all natural ingredients, such as Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto berry, and Fennel seeds – just to name a few – there are no harmful risks or side effects that have been reported.

This is just one reason why Bust Perfect is highly recommended by women who want to increase their breast size naturally and quickly.

If you are self-conscious about the size of your breasts or you want to give them a lift or increase their firmness without resorting to dangerous pills, costly surgery or hazardous injections, then try these bust-building workouts and an herbal supplement that is right for you.

No, there is no miracle cure, however, the safest and natural breast enhancement techniques can be acquired through eating the right foods and doing the right exercises – all in your own home.

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