Having sexy, attractive, and large breasts is good, but not perfect. Possessing healthy breasts is crucial to decide final goal that every woman should reach.

Below is the specific analysis of breast health that all women should know if they want to have ideal breasts. According to the research, the size, shape and tone of breast can be impacted by the age and the weight.

It is important to learn how to have large and healthy breasts so that you can avoid unexpected health problems later.

During the puberty, girls will experience the different size of their breasts and nipples. Each woman has different breast size, shape, and development of breast tissues.

During the pregnancy, women’s breasts will start to produce milk. Therefore, the size of breasts begins to change from small size to large size.

During this time, the change of hormones starts to stimulate development of breast tissues.

Women will see the change of breast size clearly; and this is natural breast enlargement.


The structure of breasts is special. If we have a look at the picture above, we can see that there are no muscles in breasts.

The process of breast growth depends on the change of hormones and other factors.

There are some crucial phases of breast development and growth that you will experience when you grow.

You can recognize the change in your breast size from small size to large size clearly during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause.

You will feel the change in each phase differently and clearly. During the puberty, you will experience the change in breast size strongly because this is the first time in breast development and growth.

In this phase, the change of hormones stimulates the growth of breast tissues. Your breasts will become more sensitive and swollen when you reach menses – woman’s period.

Every woman has to experience these phases; and all of them will have the same feelings, but with different size in breasts.

One of the most important and necessary factors that causes the change is “Estrogen” – The primary female sex hormones.

When you reach the certain period of phase, your breasts will be more sensitive with more glandular tissues.

Your boobs are surely more lush and sensitive when you are young, but they start to become softer or even begin to sag when you get older. However, this doesn’t happen to all women.

Some lucky women can still keep their natural lumpiness and tenderness when they get older. Taking contraceptive pills can be one of the most effective breast enlargement methods when the age attacks.


It is important for you to examine the change of your breasts regularly if you want to know the status of breast health.

However, unexpected change in your breasts or nipples doesn’t mean that you encounter breast problems such as breast cancer.

It is normal if the change happens during the crucial phases of breast development and growth such as puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. Your breasts will be more sensitive to touch, or swollen.

Young ladies who are 18 – 30 years old can encounter “Fibroadenomas” – are benign (not cancer) or noncancerous tumors composed of fibrous and glandular tissue in breasts.

These are not serious or dangerous to your health so you don’t have to be worried.

Women who are 35 – 50 years old usually experience the cysts in their breast tissues. This occurs once the abundance of fluid is locked in the breast tissues.

Although cysts can cause some annoying feelings, they don’t require treatments. However, women who have cysts in breast tissues should go to see doctors for advice although cysts are not dangerous or harmless.

According to the study, many women encounter breast cancer in each year. The percentage is quite high; eight out of ten women are found with breast cancer when they are examined.

However, certain reasons which cause breast cancer are not found yet.

Young ladies who are around 25 years old are not victim of breast cancer. However, over 70% of women who are over 50 years old are found with breast cancer.

When women get older, they can encounter high rate of being associated with breast cancer.

This is also related with genetics. In addition, women who are examined with cancer in one of their breasts are more likely to be infected with the other one as well.

Having bad habits such as smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods, etc…can increase the rate of breast cancer when women get older.


Prevention is better than cure! In order to prevent breast cancer, women should follow 2 important factors: early diagnosis and risk reduction.

Having regular diagnosis and examining your breast health is necessary to help you discover the latent dangerous diseases. Therefore, you can get suitable treatment for situation before it turns out to be serious.

Prevention is a kind of risk reduction, but not complete treatment which cannot get rid of cancer. Changing lifestyle is recommended if patients want to cure or treat cancer effectively.

Doing exercises, having suitable healthy diet, and applying weight loss program are what all patients should follow in order to get effective treatments.

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